Hitler and the American White Man

There is a distinct relationship between the mental and physical make-up of the German Dictator Adolph Hitler and a significant number of American white men. By America I mean the United States and not Canada or Mexico. This relationship has existed long before Hitler took power in Germany and still exists long after he committed suicide in 1945. What is the basic foundation of this relationship? There is a fundamental need for white Europeans and Americans to feel superior to other races of people. The best way to show that superiority is through violence. Hitler’s target, with support of a large segment of the German population, as a manifestation of that superiority was the killing of the Jewish population. In America that target has always been Black Americans. Mexican Americans and Native Americans have also suffered in this country because of that Hitler mentality.

Adolph Hitler 1924

That need for power as expressed through violence is now on display in the courtroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The photos of Derek Chauvin’s knee in the neck of George Floyd are symbolic of what has happened for centuries between white men, and their need to use violence in their relationship with Black men. That same need to exert power over another race was clearly a manifestation of Hitler’s ability to get the German men to violently kill thousands of Jews during World War II. There is a nexus between the Gestapo soldiers, who manned the doors of Auschwitz opening and closing them as thousands and Jews were forced inside to a death chamber and a number of white policemen who undoubtedly do the same in this country. As I look at the expression on Chauvin’s face, with hands in his pocket while a man dies, I can imagine him being one of the Nazis soldiers having the same expression as they held the doors open at Auschwitz.

Gestapo soldiers

Derek Chauvin

One might argue that this is not normal behavior among the white man in America, and these incidents are an anomaly we could dismiss that seldom happens. However, that is not true. Their need to feel superior has existed since the inception of the country over 250 years ago. Thomas Jefferson in Notes of Virginia wrote of the superiority of Europeans over Africans, the first president of the United States, George Washington, displayed his perceived superiority by enslaving Africans for his own financial gain, something he could only do through force. Even the great liberator Abraham Lincoln believed that the slaves should not have an equal place in American society, which he viewed as a white only society. Hitler never believed that the Jews should have an equal role in the German society.

Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

There is a brutality to ideas and concepts that are practically as bad as the use of force in its destruction of other people. Over the history of this country, we have witnessed the use of the concept of racial superiority as a tool to justify murder by the lynch mob. According to Tuskegee Institute there were approximately 3,446 Black Americans lynched in this country between the years 1880 and 1968, and that is only counting the ones recorded. On June 1, 1921, over 7500 white men and children with a strong Hitler mentality, attacked and killed over 300 Black men, women and children in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These men, using the power of their weapons, would certainly have been members of Hitler’s goon squad in Germany a few years later.

Tulsa on June 1, 1921

The attack by predominantly white men on the Nation’s Capital is the most recent example of the Hitler mentality alive and well in this country. I would imagine many of those men are sitting and watching the trial of Chauvin, with their fingers crossed that at least one of the jurors will think as they do, and this killer should not be convicted. After all, he was just reinforcing the need to show the power of white men over Black men, as Hitler and his Gestapo displayed the power of the German white man over the Jews.

Nation’s Capitol Stormed on January 6, 2021

As this Hitler mentality continues to grow in this country, it creates a real dilemma for the future of the United States. Black men are no longer going to allow this vicious treatment to exist, be it by racists cops and other idiots carrying Nazi symbols at the Capitol. One fact we know is that without that badge, gun, handcuffs, and other cops assisting him, Chauvin would have been no match for George Floyd. And that is what drives the Hitler mentality white men crazy in this country, and why it is important that they cling to the Second Amendment and their mob mentality. It is about the whole stud mentality. They have a need to be the biggest studs in the room where, in reality, they are not. They get their strength through the use of guns and numbers. At some point that will no longer protect them from the growing anger of Black men who do not fear their guns, their badges, and their mobs. God help this country when we reach that point.

One thought on “Hitler and the American White Man


    The Creator is Good and Mercicul.

    (Disclaimer: Dr. Wiliam “Bill” Cosby should be released from incaceration immediately.
    Dr. (Mrs. Camille” Cosby she be paid for the lost of compassion from her husband.)

    Would like to approach your posting- not in basic disagreement but in another variant of it. The terms “Hitler Mentality” and “Mob mentality” are mentioned in your posting. The terms and support of those terms go beyond just “whitemen” It was a “white female” on 6 Jan 2021 who met death upon her storming of the U.S. Capitol building. One could see a “Blackman” wearing a MAGA branded headgear on that date.

    The 2020 U.S. national election was deemed “fair, safe, and free from major fraud” by authorities at various levels. Court cases across the USA found no major fraud in the 2020 elections. Over 40 states- that comprise the United States of America- have recently introduced new restrictive laws to voting.

    The trial that is currently addressing the death of Mr. George Floyd in the state of Minnesota has been revealing. Some law enforcement officials have testified – under oath- the force used on Mr. Floyd was not appropriate. Did not comply with authorized use of force. However, another expert, has indicated- “The police do not have to fight fair. The use of force applied to Mr. Floyd’s case was justifiable”.

    In Virginia, an- in uniform- military officer was “pepper sprayed, guns drawns, and was forced to “Get on the ground” for a traffic stop. A Blackman was killed in Minnesota in the last 10 days because he was stopped for having an object- (air freshner) hanging from his rear view mirror. Another Blackman- void of having a weapon- was shot in the back while fleeing from LAW ENFORCEMENT. No charges filed against the Officer.

    Anti-hate bills (specific labeled) are being introduced (Nationally). These bills do not mention hatred against Blacks.

    Demonstrations are shown where there are persons of all races, ages, sex, and nationalities protesting against brutality against Blacks. This was manifested upon the death of Mr. Michael Brown of Missouri. Upon meeting a Freedom Fighter in Berln, Germany, one looking at a TV station in Paris, France saw him protesting Mr. Brown’s death at the US Embassy in Germany.

    Citizens in San Antonio, Texas have come together to get a proposition on the BALLOT that would demand accountability from LAW ENFORCEMENT in that municipality. That municipality has experienced some of its unarmed citizens beig killed by LAW ENFORCEMENT. Homeless person being fed a (“feces sandwich”). The “N” word being used against citizens and Law Enforcement Officers of color. The previous statements have not warranted the officers having had to be held accountable for their actions/behavior.

    Local and national civil rights organizations are against the Proposal on the ballot in San Antonio, TX to having the Law Enforcement officals to being held accountable for their actions/ behavior. This posting is not a condemnation of all Law Enforcement Officials. There are those in the San Antonio community who would like to exist in an environmet where they are Safe and Free from Fear. They report they are not trying to take funding from Law Enforcement. They are trying to save San Antonio from itself.

    Some book titles seems to be appropriate: The Fall of the Roman Empire. Disposable People. The Ruins of Empires.

    Fears expressed by some in the Black Community are the Fear of being Killed by Law Enforcement for Traffic Violations. For walking down a street unarmed. It is not a Fear of Law Enforcement. It is a Fear of the Lawless Enforcers. It is lost of RESPECT for the WATCHERS of Law Enforcement.

    One like to conclude by giving THANKS to those in the community of San antonio, TX who worked together to get an issue on the voting ballot requesting accountability for actions taken against/ toward the citizenry of this munipality. They are not asking the citizenry to risk their lives in a protest. They are asking the citizenry to VOTE their conscious. BECAUSE they are alone in their effort.

    It is the support of the MENTALITY that was introduced in your posting by it SUPPORTERS- inclusive..

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