Sophisticated Mother

Sophisticated Mother

It is a very rare individual who doesn’t have a special place in his or her heart for their mother and if you happen to be one, then what I want to share with the world is not for you. I lost my mother last September 28. She was blessed with 96 years and her children were just as blessed having her for so long. So, for those who share the same feeling for their mother, who might still be here or gone on to glory, please allow me to express my articulation of the Sophisticated Mother.


       Sophisticated Mother

        You’re the heart of this earth

               Sophisticated Mother

        You’re why God created love

               Sophisticated Mother

     You’re the reason for our beginning

               Sophisticated Mother

  You’re the permanence in our existence

               Sophisticated Mother

      You’re the endurance of our culture

               Sophisticated Mother

You’re the humanity in a world of impiety

                Sophisticated Mother

        You’re the alleviator of our fears

               Sophisticated Mother

    You’re the conciliator of our troubles

               Sophisticated Mother

     You’re God’s special gift to the world





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One response to “Sophisticated Mother

  1. Theresa

    Sophisticated Mother…thanks for sharing.There is no other love like a mother’s love.

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