18815888Someone once argued with me that leaders are born not made. I had to think about that. And I found myself taking note of our young men who seem lost. Is it simply a case of a lack of opportunity? A poor work ethic? A lack of appropriate role models? Or the age-old oppressor – racism?

In looking back, it seems that the great ones always knew they were special – no matter the odds. They had a certain je’nai se quoi. You can’t buy it and you can’t fake it; it must be deep within. After meeting Chris and Dana Pittard, and their cohorts Tony Nelson and Hector Cooley through the written word, you will be convinced that these four young men knew they were special and destined to make a difference in the lives of the people they would touch later in life.

These young Brothers, three of whom are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., knew what they wanted in life and set out to accomplish their goals. Dana, in particular, a West Point graduate, has had an influence on events on the world stage. He led the efforts to save thousands of starving Kurdish refugees desperately clinging to the side of a mountain top in Iraq. He turned back the threat of ISIS as the recent overall commander of American forces in Iraq. Major General Dana Pittard is currently the Deputy Commander Army Forces Central Command, and as a lieutenant colonel served in the White House as a senior military aide to President Bill Clinton. Dana’s brother, Chris Pittard, is himself an impressive leader – a former Army Ranger and honors graduate from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio. He has repeatedly been named as one of Texas’ Best Attorneys in the field of employment and labor law, and is a partner in the firm of Forté & Pittard, PLLC. Tony, a Texas Tech alum and ROTC scholarship recipient, is a systems engineer with a major defense contractor; and Hector, who went to New Mexico State University on a track scholarship, specializes in internet security programs.

How did their journey begin? “The Transmanaut Chronicles,” is the true coming of age story of four African-American males just out of college and high school. The Chronicles features the two brothers from El Paso, Chris and Dana, who with their two friends, Hector and Tony, embark on an exciting road trip to California to unleash their own brand of Texas bravado in Chris’ college graduation present – a brand new, 1977, black and gold, special edition Trans-Am. The self-named Transmanauts take on all challengers to their manhood, encounter bodacious women, test the envelope at speeds over 120 mph, face off with L.A.’s finest with guns drawn to their heads, encounter gun-toting gang members, and survive dangers of the deep blue sea to return to Texas with incredible – but true – tales of their journey from boys to men!

Flashbacks, jaw-dropping dialogue, unabashed in-your-face attitude, and rolling humor diffuse tense and sometimes heartbreaking episodes. Set against a backdrop of vibrant Disco fashions, heart-thumping R&B funk and synchronized dancing, the story opens in California – surprisingly with one of the Transmanauts chained in jail! And that’s just the beginning!

The story is told after 30 years when these young men have grown into successful professionals – Chris, the attorney; Dana, the general; Hector, the computer expert; and Tony the air defense systems engineer. Learn how their Road Trip, and their unbreakable bond, changed the life of the beautiful Aurianna, the girl they met on the Road Trip – forever. A twist of fate that nobody could have foreseen!

“The Transmanaut Chronicles,” is a great read, full of humor, and drama with important life lessons for the young and old. Check it out on,, or the Prosperity Publishing website at

Remember, “Life is not a journey, it’s a Road Trip!” Enjoy the ride! And after you finish reading this amazing story, you tell me which side of the argument you believe. Are true leaders born or made?

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